Superbrew Creamer

Superbrew Creamer

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Superbrew your coffee with a creamy boost of healthy fats! 

Fatty acids, like the ones in Organika’s Superbrew Creamer, are an important macronutrient required by the body to perform roles like producing hormones, building cell membranes and brain cells, regulating blood sugar, controlling inflammation and carrying fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D. Easily add a healthy dose of whole food-based, high-quality fats to your daily cup of coffee for a creamier, more satisfying brew!

  • Helps keep hunger in check
  • Quick, sustained energy
  • Source of prebiotic fibre to promote gut health
  • 0 g net carbs per serving


MCT oil powder (medium-chain triglycerides oil, acacia gum), Coconut oil powder (coconut oil, acacia gum), Grass-fed butter and organic ghee powder blend (grass-fed butter, milk protein, non-GMO resistant maltodextrin, organic ghee, vitamin E).

Contains: Milk.

150 grams

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