Danielle Binns

Curious Cookie Placemat

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Transform your child into a food scientist who is trying foods thenever would before with this revolutionary mealtime tool. 

Easy-to-Clean Reusable Food Exploration Placemat That Transforms Kids (Even the Pickiest Eaters) Into Food Explorers Who Are Trying Foods Faster.


  • Reusable 2-sided 12" x 18" laminated placemat (use with dry-erase markers or crayons)
    • Food Exploration Game on the front that takes your child on a food journey using their senses to explore rejected foods in a fun way. 
    • Learn-to-Like Balanced Meals Game on the back.
  • How to Guide so parents know how to get the most out of the mat with simple instructions. 
  • Tracking Sheets to record foods explored and provide insights into what senses your child prefers and needs help learning to like.
  • Dry-Erase Crayons (set of 8)
  • EZ Cloth to easily wipe mat clean after each use

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