Sunbutter - No Sugar Added

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No Sugar Added SunButter is a simple and delicious sunflower butter. Each serving contains 7g of plant-based protein and more vitamins & minerals than most nut butters. This makes it a great tasting fuel for anyone!


No Sugar Added SunButter is great for anyone looking to cut sugar for a keto-friendly diet (or just knows you don’t always need it to make stuff taste good). Because it doesn’t contain added sugar, it’s our go-to choice for baking–making it an easy swap for your favorite nut-free recipes. Like other varieties of SunButter, No-Sugar Added SunButter is perfect for dipping, dolloping, and spreading.


Oil separation occurs naturally in No Sugar Added SunButter. Stir before each use. ProTip: Tighten the lid and store upside down between use.

No Sugar Added SunButter Ingredients: Roasted Sunflower Seeds and Salt

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