All Natural Stain Bar Remover

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We are all bound to fight with laundry stains from time to time and it’s nearly impossible to find dirty clothes without any rough stains especially when you have kids or pets around in your home. This Natural Stain Remover Bar is great for attacking grease spots and other common stains like blood, grass stains, food stains etc. It not only solves that problem, but is also eco-friendly which means you are doing wonders to the planet by not using chemical options.

  • Safe for sensitive skin

  • Removes Tough Stains

  • Plant-based and Biodegradable

  • No Harsh Chemicals

  • Toxic & Bleach Free

  • No Fillers

  • Made in Canada


1. Dip stain remover bar in warm water. Rub directly on the stain.

2. Rub directly on the stain.

3. For tough stains, soak in water before washing and Let sit for 30-60 minutes, then wash. 

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