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Art Cards - Safari

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Babies are fascinated with black-and-white designs. Right from the start, these art cards begin developing a baby’s visual perception. The six adorable animals in this set include an Antelope, Cheetah, Rhino, Lion, Giraffe, and Elephant. High contrasting, black and white images are a delight to growing baby and these whimsicle deliver. Based on bold, hand drawn images with repeating patterns, child friendly rounded corners and beautiful designs help your child's growing mind and can be used as animal flash cards for older children.


  • Printed on sturdy board, these cards will stand up to baby's explorations.
  • Bold, whimsical, hand-painted originals that grow with your child. 
  • Infants are initially enchanted by the black and white images while the repeating patterns captivate and help them focus.
  • Each 5"x7" card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners.

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