Enviro Glass Straw

Glass Smoothie Straws (12 mm Diameter) with Cleaning Brush

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All glass straw combo packs come with two straws and a stainless steel cleaning brush.  You can choice from two different lengths, 8" or 10" and two different styles, either straight or bent. The smoothie sized diameter is designed for thicker liquids such as smoothies, milkshakes and juices.

8" is ideal for regular size (500ml) mason jars, regular size everyday glass ware and reusable 16 oz to go cups. This is the “go to” size for most adult everyday drinking needs.

10" is ideal for large (24oz) cups large mason jars, to go cups, blender containers and generally your taller glassware.

All straws are handmade on Vancouver Island using Simax glass, the highest quality borosilicate glass on the market.

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