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Ears and Throat Probiotic for Kids

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Ears & Throat for Kids with BLIS K12® is a scientifically developed oral probiotic powder, made specifically for children to support general immunity as well as prevent tonsillitis and ear infections. 

The connecting passageways between a child’s ear, nose, and throat are much smaller than an adult's, making the area more vulnerable to bad bacteria settling in and causing issues.

Because we know that kids don’t always like pills and might not have the attention span for lozenges, Ears & Throat for Kids comes in a powder formulation that can be taken on its own or mixed with food (not warmer than 30°C), making it extra versatile and child-friendly. 

Ears&Throat with BLIS K12® is a vanilla-flavored oral probiotic powder for children, and provides the following benefits: 

  • Helps prevent infections such as sore throat (pharyngitis/tonsillitis) 
  • Helps reduce the frequency of upper respiratory infections caused by certain bacterial and viral microorganisms. 
  • Supports and maintains healthy ear function by reducing the frequency of otitis media (ear infection). 
  • Helps to support the immune system. 

Ears & Throat for Kids contains BLIS K12™, a new generation of advanced oral probiotics, developed from a special strain of beneficial bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius that is found to occur naturally in the mouths & throats of healthy adults and children. While everyone has this bacteria in their oral cavity, very few have high quantities of the specific strain Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS K12®). 

60 doses per pack.

Ingredients (per dose)

Medicinal Ingredient (Each dose contains):

Streptococcus salivarius K12  1 billion CFU.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Trehalose, lactitol, maltodextrin, natural flavour.

May contain trace amounts of milk protein from the fermentation process.

This product does not contain wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish or shellfish.

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