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The Ovry® Male Fertility Test is a convenient at-home test to detect lower than normal sperm concentration in semen, which is a leading indicator of male infertility.

No need to send the results to a lab! This test kit includes everything you need to perform the test entirely at-home and get results in minutes. This product is intended for anyone that wants to be proactive about their fertility or the fertility of their partner.

The Ovry Male Fertility Test is designed for at-home use. Once the test is completed, the Test Device produces a simple "positive" or "negative" result. A positive test result indicates normal sperm concentration. A negative test result indicates low sperm concentration.

For couples looking to conceive (now or in the future), a negative result with the Male Fertility Test is an indication that you may have difficulty getting pregnant, which can inform a proactive decision to visit a physician for further analysis.

Disclaimer: There are other factors beyond sperm concentration (like sperm motility and morphology) that can impact male fertility. Since the Male Fertility Test measures sperm concentration alone, using this test is not enough to determine whether or not a person is fertile. However, sperm concentration is one of the leading indicators of male infertility: therefore, this test can save couples time and frustration by identifying possible obstacles to getting pregnant earlier that they might have otherwise discovered.

* Results are over 99% consistent with laboratory testing for sperm concentration

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