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Organic Sheet Mask - Vitamin C & Revitaling

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Organic Vitamin C and revitalizating masks.  

* Reduces the appearance of brown spots and sun damage

* Provides potent anti-oxidant protection to keep skin firm and youthful 

* Improves the skin’s natural healing response

* Orange peel and pomegranate boost healthy collagen synthesis 


How to use: Start off by cleansing your skin with a mild facial soap followed by a toner. Then place the mask on your face.  Make sure the mask’s fabric is applied correctly by gently arranging it to fit around your eyes, nose and lips. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes or longer until you can feel that your skin has drunk all the serum.  Discard the mask and massage any remaining serum into your face and décolletage. There will be extra serum in the sheet sleeve as well! 


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