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Ready to Eat Konjac "Rice"

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“Rice” up to the occasion to enjoy a healthier kind of rice! Miracle Noodle Keto Ready-to-Eat Rice helps to meet your rice needs but without any grains, gluten, sugars, or artificial ingredients. Pre-cooked and ready to serve, you can now have your rice (and eat it too) in a matter of minutes! Simply open, drain, and serve!

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Open bag and drain residual water.
  2. Rice is now ready!
  3. For best results, add to heated pan to dry and heat or microwave in the sauce/recipe to absorb the flavors.


  • Water
  • Konjac Flour
  • Citric Acid

(Note: Citric acid is not in the rice but in the water, rinsing the rice will get rid of it.)

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