Pure Anada Retractable Lip Brush
Pure Anada

Retractable Lip Brush

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Use Pure Anada's Retractable Lip Brush to apply the NEW Lip & Cheek Rouge!

  • compact and retractable; no lid to lose!
  • applicator retracts into its own casing making it convenient to carry along with you everywhere
  • vegan-bristled brush is
  • perfect for the application all lip color products

Seamlessly apply lip colour for a perfect look. The tapered, smaller tip allows for smooth and precise application.

For lipstick: Beginning at the outer corners of the mouth, work inward along edges to fill in lips.
For lip gloss: Beginning at the center of the lip, avoid the edges, and work the gloss outward.
Application Tip: Start by applying the lip colour to the center of the lips and moving outward – use the tip of the lip brush to enhance the edge of the lip line.

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