Reusable Cotton Liners | Black (2 pack)

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A smart, sustainable alternative to disposable liners. Everyday liners have your back with an ultra-thin, leak-locking layer and patented, high-performance, fast drying cotton top. Snap the wings together, tag side down.

Use as backup for a menstrual cup or tampon, or for spotting or lighter flow days. Holds the equivalent of up to 1 tampon or disposable pad.

Box contains two 7" liners (black)


Top layer is 93% cotton, 7% spandex. Base layer is 95% cotton with polyurethane laminate, 5% spandex. The absorbent core is 80% recycled polyester, 20% nylon.

Care Instructions:

Aisle pads were designed to fit into your regular laundry routine. No need to soak - just give them a quick rinse in cool water, then wash and dry with your next load of laundry.

Customer Reviews

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Valerie Fairservice
I have many!

I love the Aisle products. These liners are great for a light day. They do hold quite a bit.

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