Soap Saver Soap Rest

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Love your Complexion Soaps and Konjac Sponge but want them to last longer? 

Use Zyderma’s silicone Soap Saver/Sponge Rest to preserve your natural products.

Hand-made with high quality silicone, the soft & squishy dishes have raised points which allows for air flow and proper drying of your favourite cleansing products.

Its economical size makes it suitable for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops and can easily placed upon the edge of your bathtub or in your shower caddy too.


  • Anti-slip
  • Safe and durable (won’t break or rust)
  • Easy to clean with warm water (dishwasher safe too)
  • Soap and sponges dry properly and last longer
  • Multipurpose for bath and kitchen
  • Perfect for families

Choose the colour that suits your interior design. You’ll want one for every splash zone in your home!

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