Soda Elixir Concentrate- Ginga’ Kick
Crazy D's

Soda Elixir Concentrate- Ginga’ Kick

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Makes 12 full 355ml drinks! Fantastic for soda stream use and great for reducing waste and overall carbon footprint. Makes 12 drinks for just $2.08 per glass. 24 portions for kids! 

No Added Sugar. Non-GMO. Organic Ingredients. 8 Grams Prebiotic Fibre. Small Canadian Family Business.

 Ingredients: Water, Yacon Root Syrup (Organic), Chicory Root Extract (Non-GMO), Ginger Juice (Organic), Lemon Juice (Organic), Lime Juice (Organic), Acacia Fibre (Organic), Organic Extracts (Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg), Turmeric (Organic), Sodium Bicarbonate

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