Cold Brew Reusable Cotton Coffee Filter, 2L
Sparkplug Coffee

Cold Brew Reusable Cotton Coffee Filter, 2L

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Love, love, love a cold brew coffee with its rich, smooth taste — especially in the summer! And love it even more making it with a cold brew filter. No more mess from fussing with strainers and cheesecloth! No sludge like with a french press! Just delicious, smooth, tasty cold brew coffee….

These reusable cold brew filters are made for Sparkplug from 100% cotton by their neighbours in the Regent Park Sewing Circle.

These filters are super easy to use and can be reused for HUNDREDS of batches of delicious cold brew coffee. Designed to fit a standard half-gallon (1.9L) wide-mouthed mason jar or you can use any pitcher, jug or container you have on hand to make a delicious, smooth cold brew coffee.

Cleanup is quick and easy - empty filter of grounds (compost or add to your garden), rinse and hang to dry. And your cotton filter should last a year or more with regular use. 

Your filter may look slightly different than pictured. These filters are handmade for Sparkplug Coffee in Toronto and there is some variability in the thread colours and loop material.

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