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Organic Cotton Coffee Filters

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Makes for a better tasting coffee, and no extra waste.

Coffee brewed with in an organic cotton coffee filter is rich in aromatic oils, smooth, with balanced acids. No unpleasant bitterness or bad attitude - especially when paired with fresh roasted Sparkplug Coffee!

Cleanup is quick and easy 
Simply empty filter of grounds (makes a great compost, or add straight to your garden), rinse and hang to dry.

Shop ethical
Some of these cotton filters are made here in Toronto by the Regent Park Sewing Circle and some are made in Texas, by the lovely people at CoffeeSock. Both versions are made from 100% cotton and TLC.

A small upfront investment saves money in the long-run, compared to buying single-use paper filters.

These filters fit:

  • #2 cones / pour-overs

  • #4 cones / pour-overs

  • #6 cones / pour-overs

  • Hario V60 style filters - 02 size (one-cup)

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