Globetrotter - Dark Roast Espresso - Whole Beans
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Globetrotter - Dark Roast Espresso - Whole Beans

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Named for Kara's dad, Merv, who loved coffee almost as much as wine. Merv was a Globetrotter and this coffee has a mix of dark roasted beans from all major coffee growing regions. The mix changes occasionally, depending on seasonal availability, while keeping the same strong, bold and delicious taste profile. A typical batch includes premium Organic Arabica beans from Ethiopia in Africa, Brazil for South America, Indonesia representing Southeast Asia, and Honduras for Central America. 350g bag. Dark, smoky-sweet, complex. Smooth and suave.

Our espresso blend, the Globetrotter is dark, smoky-sweet, complex, bold. Smooth and suave like Papa.

Recommended for:

  • Any espresso-style coffeemaker including stovetop (also known as moka pot or Bialetti)

  • Also great brewed and in a French press.

  • Makes a perfect latte and is delicious with cream & sugar.

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