Breast Oil - 50ml
St. Francis

Breast Oil - 50ml

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Our Breast Oil is a topical herbal oil blend that stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid from the breast tissue and is excellent for use by women dealing with mastitis or a breast abscess.

  • Gently reduces pain, infection, and inflammation in women with mastitis or abscess
  • Also used over the longer term by those with fibrocystic breasts or breast cysts
  • With mullein (inflamed glands), calendula (inflamed lymphatic nodes), red clover (inflammatory conditions)
  • Includes phytolacca, a strong lymphatic stimulant, which aids the flow of toxins out of the breast, while causing an influx of immune cells
  • With lobelia, used for sprains and bruises
  • A herbal formula complemented by essential oils

Who it’s for:
Use our Breast Oil if you’re a woman suffering from a breast abscess or the inflammation of mastitis.

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