Water Infuser Carafe-Rio 1000ml

Water Infuser Carafe-Rio 1000ml

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Stylish sangria pitcher & water carafe with lid for fruit infused water, detox water, or sangria

The RIO sangria pitcher & water carafe is the pinnacle of style and functionality. It holds 1 litre of water and features a gravity stainless steel lid and filter mechanism that seals when you are not pouring. Need a change? Switch up the silicone seals from orange to red. The RIO lets you make your own fruit infused water, detox water or even Sangria.

Convenient design

The RIO glass carafe with lid features a stylish hand-blown glass design. It also comes with two silicone seals and a stainless steel lid with gravity-top lid that closes when not in use. Also, this pitcher is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean, and is good for room temperature or cold beverages. We do not recommend using for hot beverages.

 Easy to use Sangria pitcher

Not only can the RIO water carafe be used for making fruit and herb infused water but it can also be used to make an easy sangria recipe. Simply add a bottle of wine of your choice (750 ml), add your cup of fruit and let it infuse. When pouring, the lid will keep the fruit from coming out.

Also use as a wine decanter

The lid has a stainless steel filter that has been designed to not only hold back your fruits from the Sangria, but also to aerate your wine as it pours. It can create a natural swirl in the pour. Remember to pour gently out of the pitcher and you will get a nice aeration to your wine and sangria.

Smart Gravity Aerating Lid

The lid has a smart design that remains closed until you go to pour your drink. These specially designed slits in the lid also aerate your wine if you’re using it as a wine decanter or sangria pitcher. The slits hold your fruit back when you are pouring your infused water.

Also it aerates your wine and sangria as you pour from it. The aeration of the wine ensures you get full flavor from your Sangria in the Rio Sangria pitcher.

Highest Quality hand Blown Glass

It is hand made with high quality glass. In the glass you may find a few small bubbles. Those air bubbles in the glass are not defects, but a sign of quality hand blown glass. These bubbles point out how each bottle is hand blown and unique in its own way. This pitcher has true quality you will feel from the moment you hold it.

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