Wooden Alphabet Coins - Flash Card Set with Stand
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Wooden Alphabet Coins - Flash Card Set with Stand

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Alphabet coins and Cards Set that can be used on their own with a small stand.

The coins are made from solid beech wood and engraved to add texture. 

While playing with this toy, children develop early literacy skills such as letter recognition, phonological awareness and vocabulary. 

Practice matching wooden letter coins to written letters on a card. Next, practice finding the first letter with the 2nd and 3rd letters placed in front of the child. 

The beautiful illustrations for this set were created by artists from around the world and printed on textured linen paper.

Set includes:

  • 26 letter coins with a capital letter on one side and matching lowercase letter on the other

  • Canvas bag for storing the letters

  • 24 flash cards with beginner spelling words 

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