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Zen Mama Yoga Deck

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This beautifully illustrated deck of yoga cards is designed to help mamas incorporate yoga into real life situations. It is divided into two sections - "Mind & Body" and "On The Go".  

The "Mind & Body" cards contain sequences to help with specific concerns like headaches, anxiety, back pain, libido, insomnia, etc., so that you can quickly get back to being the super mama that you already are.

The "On The Go" cards contain yoga sequences that are designed to be done while you're completing your ordinary tasks! While grocery shopping, sitting at your desk, feeding, bathing and putting your children to sleep, taking a shower, cooking, cleaning, etc. These sequences are meant to be done during the course of your regular day so that there's no need to carve out that elusive extra time. 


1 keepsake box

50 instructional cards (25 Mind & Body, 25 On-the-Go (situational))

5 introduction cards to ensure mamas feel safe and confident practicing from the comfort of their home

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