Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

The deepest instinct of a mother is to protect her little ones, defending them against those who would cause harm and helping them build resilience against life’s challenges. Ponder this - what would you do against a danger you couldn’t see?

This is the danger posed to our children by invisible, microscopic allergens floating through the air. When the body encounters something unknown, it assess’ the risk and danger posed. If the agent is dangerous, an immune response is activated.

Consider the body like a medieval castle, filled with people in beautiful-wrought livery and soldiers ready to face any opponent. The quiet peace in the courtyard is broken by an alarm bell ringing as a swarm of mysterious enemies attempts to break down the gate. The soldiers scramble, grabbing spears and swords, throwing everything they have at these challengers. The battle is a mess and the castle loses many, but the enemy is beaten. Notes are taken on the attack pattern and strategies used by the enemy. Next time they attack, the castle will be ready to mount a strong defence.

This is no different from the human immune system with the first encounter being messy and inefficient. Special immune cells known as memory B cells form after the battle, and remain in the body for years. The next time this bacteria, fungus or virus attacks, the body is ready to fight.

Whether mom or her little one, the body can mistake allergens like those from pet dander or grass as enemies. This leads to allergy symptoms because of a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. Research has shown that the prevalence of allergic conditions in Canadian children has increased over the decades.

Arming your family with a way to protect yourself is the best way to support the body. Preparations like Allergy Relief come in multiple forms (spraytabs) to meet the preference of every child. Made from a variety of flowering species in Canada, taking this product regularly introduces the body to tiny amounts of these allergens. This helps train the body and teach it that cat hair or dust mites are relatively safe. A clinical trial conducted in the Netherlands demonstrated that use of the product resulted in an 88.5% improvement in allergy symptoms, especially in congestion. 

Ensuring your little one gets a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids is another way to supplement a healthy diet and shift the body to a more anti-inflammatory state.

Don't wait until allergy season begins to start taking supplements. They will be most effective if you start taking them BEFORE April showers bring May flowers.

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Dr. Owen Wiseman, ND Medical Advisor is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), Owen completed his undergraduate at the University of Ottawa while working as a Clinical Researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Passionate about the growing field of evidence supporting the clinical benefits of nature, Owen’s committed to help Canadians get WISE about their health.