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Inspiring moms to make healthy and environmentally-friendly choices for their families

Healthy Moms

Healthy Moms is a Community. An Insiders App. A Discount Card. A curated selection of natural, health-focused and eco-friendly businesses.

As a Healthy Moms Discount Cardholder, you will be joining thousands of moms who, like you, want to shop with businesses who share the same values. As part of the Healthy Moms community, you will stay informed about the best businesses to shop with and enjoy access to VIP savings and special offers.  

Each of the participating businesses you will find listed on our site is there because they align with our values. I have carefully selected each and every one of them because of factors such as their environmental responsibility, choice of ingredients, materials or packaging used AND the quality of their products or services. And, because I know that living a healthy lifestyle in a big city can add up (big time), I have also negotiated the best possible savings for you and the entire Healthy Moms community.

Aviva Allen
Meet Our Founder

My name is Aviva Allen. I am a mom of two, a nutritionist, and the founder of the Healthy Moms Discount Card. Healthy Moms began as a Toronto-based Facebook group in 2012. We were a small group of moms with similar values who shared ideas, recipes, shopping tips, and gave each other advice related to healthy, natural living. As our community grew, it became clear that moms wanted to be connected with businesses that aligned with their values and lifestyle – and so, in late 2015, the Healthy Moms Discount Card was born.


Our Healthy Moms Toronto Facebook group has grown into an engaged community of over 19,000 moms from across the GTA – and an invaluable resource for its members. (If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, click here to join us if you live in the Toronto area. If you live in the Vancouver area, join our Vancouver group here or in the LA area, join our Los Angeles group here.)

My mission through the Healthy Moms Discount Card is to inspire moms to make healthy and environmentally-friendly choices for their families by providing them with accessible and affordable options.

Aviva Allen

Work With Us!

Work with us! If you are a local business and would like to discuss how you can reach our active community of Healthy Moms, we’d love to connect. Please click here for more information.