Hey Moms! Pampering Yourself Isn't Just for Mother's Day

Hey Moms! Pampering Yourself Isn't Just for Mother's Day

Moms have the toughest job in the world. Mother's Day is our ONE "day off" each year where we (sometimes) enjoy a little spoiling and pampering. That day has sadly just come and gone – but what about the other 364 days of the year?

Mother’s Day can mean many things to different women – perhaps it’s a day to grieve, one to rest, or maybe celebrate the joys of becoming a new mother yourself. Partners and children may go out of their way to spoil you, but sometimes the best gift of all is time to yourself.

With spas closed right now, pampering yourself may look a little different than it did during the ‘before times’, otherwise known as pre-pandemic. But let's be honest, even before the pandemic, you likely didn't get there very often. Between busy work schedules and childcare, you're much more likely to make this type of self-care happen by bringing the spa to you.

There are loads of products out there to help curate a relaxing experience from the comfort of your own tub. To start, it is always best to set the mood and decide on what kind of experience you want to create. The first step is making sure you’re not going to be interrupted, so sending away the partner or children for a walk-in nature can buy some you time.

Will you have music? Aromatic ambience? With the many music services out there, your choice of ‘spa’ playlists is endless! Sometimes a beeswax candle provides a nice change from the strongly scented candles flickering around. For a more customized blend, you might consider a mixture of some essential oils.

The Aromaforce line by A.Vogel offers pure, unadulterated, botanically certified and undiluted essential oils that are a staple for any diffuser.

Here is my favourite diffuser recipe:

4 drops Aromaforce lavender essential oil
3 drops Aromaforce clary sage essential oil
2 drops Aromaforce ylang ylang essential oil
1 drop Aromaforce marjoram essential oil

Sometimes a more tactile experience is warranted, in which case bath bombs or salts would be a good choice. Fragrance, phthalate and aluminum-free, their scents range from eucalyptus with Siberian fir (Revival) to lavender with black spruce (Serenity). Plus, they leave your bathtub stain-free!

As you run the hot water and sink beneath, with the gentle waves lapping at your skin, you can just feel yourself begin to unwind. This is when you turn to look over the edge of the tub, remembering that you brought your book with you. It has been hard trying to sneak in pages here and there with the endless to-do list running through your mind. For just a moment though, time seems to freeze as you begin to lose yourself in the tale that the author has woven. 

With a deep breath in and an exhale that seems to stretch beyond the ordinary, you lose yourself in time.

Make an effort to take more time to yourself all year round, not just on Mother's Day. You deserve it!

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