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B&W Art Cards - Baby Animals

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Babies are fascinated with black and white designs. Right from the start, these cards begin to aid in a baby's cognitive and visual perception because, with developing vision, they are able to see the high contrast pictures. These cards grow with your child as the shapes come together to form patterns, whole images, inspire tummy time activities, and later become flash cards of their animal pals.

Each card is two sided with a white on black side and a black on white side, for a unique visual experience with the simple flip of a card.

The six adorable animals in this set include an Alpaca, Duckling, Fawn, Penguin, Tapir, and Lamb. Each card measures 5"x7" inches and is printed using environmentally-friendly soy based ink on thick and sturdy cardboard with rounded corners. They feature a matte finish surface that can be wiped clean with a lightly dampened cloth and dried.

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