Babymoov Stroller Organizer

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This stroller organizer bag truly makes each outing easier. Its universal design means it easily attaches to the handles or bar on your stroller. It has several inner storage compartments and a zip pocket on the front of the bag to hold your bank card or mobile phone. But what makes it unique is its adjustable insulated compartment. Your baby's food or your cup are easily accessible and always at the right temperature. The stroller bag also has a full-length zip fastening so you can leave it attached to your stroller during transport and the contents of your bag will always stay in place!

  • Universal design for easy attachment to most pushchair/prams
  • Inner storage compartments for personals and external zip pocket for easy access storage.
  • Adjustable large insulated bottle holder.
  • Main central zip fastenning: Keep items secure even when folding up pram/transferring to car
  • Shoulder strap included for wearing. Simply unhook the stroller bag and clip the two ends together to create the strap.

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