Swaddelini Bamboo Sleep Sack

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World’s First 3D Knit Swaddle

Help your baby sleep and control the moro-reflex that often wakes them up. With “Hug Technology” you and your baby will discover a new kind of sleep!

Swaddelini Bamboo is made with 100% natural Bamboo made in a mechanical (NOT chemical) process. One end of bamboo is paired with moisture wicking and antimicrobial nylon for stretch and durability. The compression comes from the elastic yarn covered with nylon.

Width measured underneath Hug Technology 10-10.5 in*

Length measured from top of Hug Technology to bottom point: 19-20 in*

*please note this measurement is taken flat and has 100% stretch and recovery. 

Swaddelini is ready to use right out of the packaging and easy to care for.

To Care:

  • May work better with diaper flap facing down (brand tag facing up)
  • May work with PJs, or onesie/pants combo, or  just a diaper and socks underneath
  • The Swaddelini Bamboo can be washed and dried with heat
  • When the baby rolls over, leave arms out! This makes the Swaddelini a wearable blanket.

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