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Introducing the Educating AMY Creative Play book, a charming and high-quality book crafted from OEKO-TEX felt and cotton for safety and durability. This compact companion is designed to nurture your child's learning journey, focusing on routines and imaginative play.

Recommended for age 18-36 months +

Inside, your child will discover engaging exercises that promote independence and fine motor skills. They will master practical skills like buckling while enjoying the interactive finger puppet animations. With the included food and stove top, little ones can spend hours identifying colours and cooking up their favourite imaginary meals, fostering a sense of accomplishment and building self-confidence.

The play book features three adorable finger puppets in unique colours, along with a buckle and an enchanting animal train. The back page showcases a stove top complete with a selection of vegetables, fruits, and a teacup, providing endless opportunities for storytelling and creative play.

Witness the growth of your child's skills and watch their imagination come alive within the captivating activities provided in the compact pages of the Educating AMY Creative play book.

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