Natural Fermentation

Natural Fermentation 101

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A step by step guide for beginners

A simple and straightforward how-to guide to at-home fermentation. From pickles to yogurt to kombucha, you'll learn all the basics of fermentation so you can start fermenting with skill and confidence.

This book contains 28 clear and easy-to-follow recipes, including vegetable ferments, fermented dairy, and probiotic-rich beverages. Bonus recipes include ways to incorporate fermented foods into other dishes.

This no-nonsense guide doesn't require you to buy any unnecessary equipment or ingredients. Simple and easy, the way natural fermentation should be!

"A simple, clear, easy to follow guide to fermentation. These delicious recipes help you add homemade fermented foods into your life. And they taste great!" - Joshua Rosenthal, Founder & Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC.

113 pages

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