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Sick Day

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ginger / lemon / echinacea  / cayenne pepper / maple

Sick days never come at a good time. Feeling something coming on? Boost up your immunity with this sick day shot. It's somewhere between grandma's chicken noodle soup and grandpa's old cough medicine.

Sick Day is a formula that is made with 5 natural ingredients selected for their holistic properties and historically used to support the immune system. If you believe in a natural approach to wellness and immunity this product is for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Faye Weinstein
Nice health shot!

Tried this several times both from healthy mom's and directly from the company's website. Tastes good. Tried it as both a shot as well as a tea. Brought some to work for others too and they liked it as well

Valerie Fairservice
Regularly purchase these!

I am addicted to these! They’re a bit spicy but not over the top at all. (My 3 year old drinks them.) Easy to just drink straight or good mixed with water (hot or cold). If I feel a virus coming on, I take half a pouch every day for 4 days and haven’t been getting sick. Sometimes I’ve taken more or less, depending on how I feel. And the ingredients are perfect! Nothing gross added!

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