BIBS Fast Flow Bottle Nipple 2pk

BIBS Fast Flow Bottle Nipple 2pk

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This fast flow bottle nipple has been specially developed to match the nipple from the popular BIBS Colour pacifier which promotes the right sucking technique for successful breastfeeding. This also helps to avoid confusion if you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle. The nipple is produced from soft natural rubber latex and designed with an anti-colic valve to ensure the best milk flow for your baby. Since natural rubber latex is a natural material, colour variation may occur.


  • 100% free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
  • Made from 100% food-grade material
  • It is recommended to replace the nipple every 4-6 weeks for both safety and hygienic reasons.


  • The latex nipple must be cleaned and sterilized before the first and each subsequent use. To clean:

    • Put the nipple in a clean bowl. Pour boiling water over the nipple
    • Let it soak for approx. 5 min.
    • Pick it up and let it dry on a clean towel
  • Do not use microwave sterilizing products or the dishwasher as it will break down the natural rubber latex.
  • Do not leave the nipple in direct sun

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