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Vitamin D Spray

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Delicious vitamin D3 spray formulated for children and adults to help support the development of teeth, bones, and the immune system.

Organic Orange 52 mL (114 sprays)

Benefits of Vitamin D3

  • Helps to maintain and support immune function
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
  • 2 sprays helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D3 Spray Highlights

  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Organic orange flavour
  • Organic coconut MCT oil
  • Sweetened with monk fruit

Who Needs Extra Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is made by the body when sunlight hits our skin and is also found in some foods. However certain factors can hinder how much vitamin D we are able to make or absorb from our diet. Because of this certain groups of people are at great risk of a vitamin D deficiency. 

  • Breastfed babies
  • Babies fed formula with insufficient vitamin D levels
  • People who spend little time outside, keep skin covered, or wear sunblock
  • People who live at higher latitudes where the sun’s rays are weaker in the fall and winter (Canada)
  • Children and adults using steroids long term
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Those living in long-term care homes or assisted living
  • Overweight or obese individuals
  • People with conditions that affect gut health such as Crohn’s and celiac disease
  • Vegans and vegetarians

Suggested Use: Ages 0 to adults take 1 – 2 sprays per day.

Medicinal Ingredients (per spray):

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)….. 500 IU (12.5 mcg)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Organic Orange Flavour, Mixed Tocopherols, Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil. 

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