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Melatonin Liquid

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Land Art’s Melatonin helps to increase the total length and the quality of sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone known as the “sleep hormone”. It is secreted when it gets dark and sends a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep. Production decreases with age. Our formula has a pleasant vanilla taste and no sugar added. The bottle comes with a practical dropper that helps to determine the proper dosage.

  • Help increase the total duration of sleep (an aspect of quality sleep) for people suffering from sleep restriction or an altered sleep schedule, for example: a variable work schedule or jet lag;
  • Help soothe daytime fatigue due to jet lag;
  • Help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep;
  • Help rebalance sleep cycles.

Melatonin is a product ideal for:

  • People who sleep lightly;

  • The elderly (melatonin secretion decreases with age);

  • When it is not possible to sleep in a sufficiently dark environment (urban lighting, sleeping during the day).

Dosage and how to use

  • Children and adolescents (1 to 17 years old): Consult a health care practitioner.

  • Adults (18 years and older): 1 ml per day at bedtime.

Medicinal Ingredients: (per 1 ml)

  • Melatonin, 3 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: (per 1 ml)

  • Water from reverse osmosis, natural vanilla aroma, malic acid, stevia, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

* Does not contain dairy products, wheat, gluten, yeast or corn.




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