Pregnancy Test Strips - Ultra-Sensitive

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Find out and ascertain if you have conceived with these Ovry ultra-sensitive pregnancy test strips. Boasting an accuracy of up to 99.7 percent, these high-quality test strips deliver accurate results, while the reusable cup supports multiple tests to save money. These Ovry ultra-sensitive pregnancy test strips come in a box of either 4 or 10 strips and the easy-to-use design lets you perform your test at home, eliminating the need to see a doctor.

All Ovry™ products are manufactured in Canada, compliant with strict regulatory requirements and held to the highest quality standards. Ovry™ products contain several tests per box so that you can keep tests on-hand to use as often as you'd like. These "strip format" tests are just as quick and accurate as the most expensive brand names while also being small, discreet, and using 90% less single-use plastic.


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