Wooden Hopping Bunny
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Wooden Hopping Bunny

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Give this little bunny a push and watch it move up and down! The large back wheels are located non-centrally which gives the toy a little "hop" as it zooms along, just like a real rabbit! 

All of the wood Bajo uses comes from companies that respect EU Timber Regulations, so we can be sure they are sustainable plantations not damaging any forests or ecosystems. Their main objective is to make solid, lasting things. Timeless designs give new life to Bajo toys so they can be enjoyed for generations.

Wooden toys communicate core ecological ideas. Contact with wood, its friendly warmth, possibility to build a whole universe from simple elements and a message that it carries - we believe these are crucial steps in forming environmental consciousness. One may say that wooden toys convey the love for nature in a perfect way.

Each Bajo toy is made in their own factory, located in a small Polish town, and its presence has a positive impact on the life, and socioeconomic standard of the community.

Measures 4.3" x 3.55" x 2.4"

Recommended for ages 18m+

Made in Poland

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